talent that’s the right fit.

McKinley Green is committed to sourcing talent that’s the right fit-for the role, the team and the wider organisation.

As part of our service to you we shortlist the top candidates available from the talent pool. Through our rigorous selection procedure we’ve already ascertained that the potential employees have the qualifications and skills to perform in the role at very minimum.

Skills and references are verified by us for your confidence and peace of mind. Furthermore, as professional recruiters we are committed to helping your organisation hire in accordance with government legislation promoting the values of fairness and equality.   

Our clients know that a partnership with McKinley Green, means they can keep their focus on what they do best.

We aim to alleviate the pressure for businesses, by identifying the best temporary and permanent talent in the market.

Our talent pool is our priority. We are committed to maintaining and growing a network of strong, talented professionals that we can turn to with every assignment.  By actively identifying the best temporary and permanent talent in the market, we alleviate human resource pressures for our clients, by becoming the ‘go to’ firm for all recruitment needs.

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We specialise in the following areas:


Administrative Assistants

Data Entry and Word Processing

Office Management

Marketing and HR

PA’s, EA’s and Secretarial

Inbound Customer Service 

Outbound Customer Service

Team Leaders

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Records Managers

Filing Clerks

we can help you reach your career goals.