Transparent and thorough at every step.

As a job seeker it’s liberating when you have an honest conversation about what you want from work. From the aspects of a job that you like, to the skills you’ve acquired over the years, to your ambitions in the short and long term. We’re interested in understanding your career, from your point of view.

Our interviews are an opportunity to discover you as a talent, to understand the ins and outs of your CV and those aspects of your personality that aren’t as easy to put into black and white, but will determine your success in the right role. We make the effort because, at McKinley Green it’s our pleasure to place you employment that satisfies your career and personal growth objectives.

What we don’t do at McKinley Green is recruit by numbers. Our future is invested in your success. That’s why we take the time to know you one-one- one.


Communication is the cornerstone of our recruitment process. Because we value transparency in all of our processes, progress updates will flow to you from the first phone call to role placement with appropriate follow ups.

From the outset, we listen to you closely for the information that tells us which skills and qualities a candidate needs to succeed in the role.

We insist in visiting your workplace where possible, to get a detailed understanding of who you are and who will shine in the position.


Our networks are vast from years of experience in Melbourne and London.

In the first instance, we can draw on our talent pool of vetted temporary staff. Then, whenever needs arise, we know who to call at those times when we are looking for that specific qualification or x-factor. If volume hires are needed, or we need to extend our reach, we draw on various strategies to increase the depth of talent available to you. Whichever approach we adapt, we are confident in our ability to deliver high calibre candidates every time.

Ads and searches of social networks are available resources however in about half of cases we don’t even need to.   


We know our people. We take pride in our ability to know each and every one of our candidates well.

Before you meet any McKinley Green candidates, their qualifications and references have been checked out by us first. If specific office skills are required – we will test for them too. Every candidate has been pre-interviewed thoroughly as well because we want to be absolutely confident you’ll agree –  you’ve just met the best talent available in the current market.  


Once a candidate is placed, McKinley Green is committed to continuing our high level of service.

As HR specialists our personal touch helps our candidates settle into their first few days in a new role with you. For short term placements everyone will receive a phone call on the first day to ensure expectations have been met. For long term placements we’ll check in at regular intervals offering support. And if you ever need our expertise, we’re only a phone call away.

We specialise in the following areas:


Administrative Assistants

Data Entry and Word Processing

Office Management

Marketing and HR

PA’s, EA’s and Secretarial

Inbound Customer Service 

Outbound Customer Service

Team Leaders

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Records Managers

Filing Clerks

we can help you reach your career goals.