Succeed at interview, first time, everytime

Prior to any interview, the goal is learn about the organisation and role. This will help you feel and appear knowledgeable, prepared and in control. With your notebook ready, this is where to begin your research:


Research the organisation’s online presence: their website and social media accounts will tell you a lot about who they are, who works there, how they operate and what they stand for. Consider how you fit in with the values and personalities that they are showcasing.


Search online to discover their outside reputation. Have they been covered by the news or by bloggers in a positive way? What intrigues you? With the information you find, try to formulate a question to use at the interview.

The Role

Think about the role you are going for and what you can bring to it. Request a job description if they haven’t already provided one. Write down all the reasons why your skills and experience can achieve the job’s objectives.

The Panel

If you know ahead of time who is interviewing you, research their LinkedIn profile and any entry on their company’s website so you walk in knowing as much about them as they do about you. It’s a little trick for winning confidence and helps you to establish rapport with the panelists.

Dress to Impress

Needless to say, someone who is showered and groomed is more likely to impress interviewers than someone who is dressed for a weekend occasion.

Plan your outfit the day before to avoid running late in the morning. Choose clothes that reflect the organisation, for example suits for law firms or chic for the fashion industry.

Plan Your Route

Use Google Maps and online Journey planners to work out the best route the day before the interview. Allow yourself an extra 20 minutes in case of delays en route. There are no excuses for lateness to an interview.

Being five minutes early is great. Being much earlier than that can be uncomfortable. But if you are late call McKinley Green straight away so we can smooth it over.

Why Register With McKinley Green?

McKinley Green are always here to support our talent. We continue to provide fresh temporary assignments, keep you up to date with the job market, as well as providing you with professional support ranging from job hunting tips to advice for acheiving on your first day.

If you are currently seeking work, please be aware that not all of our roles are advertised. Members of our talent pool that have previously registered with us can be contacted first when an interesting position becomes available. We encourage you to register with McKinley Green so we can match your talent with exciting work opportunities.