We make the effort atMcKinley Green

As a job seeker it’s liberating when you have an honest conversation about what you want from work. From the aspects of a job that you like, to the skills you’ve acquired over the years, to your ambitions in the short and long term. We’re interested in understanding your career, from your point of view.

Our interviews are an opportunity to discover your talent. Understanding the ins and outs of your CV is just the first step. We will dedicate time to getting the insights into your personality that aren’t as easy to put into black and white, but will determine your success in the right role.

We make the effort because at McKinley Green, it’s our pleasure to place you in employment that satisfies your career and personal growth objectives.

What we don’t do at McKinley Green is recruit by numbers. Our future is invested in your success. That’s why we take the time to know you one-one-one.


The days when a job was simply that are over. Today, we rightly expect that our working hours are opportunities to earn, learn, make connections and develop as person and professional. McKinley Green want you to get the most out of your working week so we can go home knowing that your placement adds to your life experience.

Right Role

Job hunting alone can be a tiring experience. Until the right job comes along you have to write many applications. If you work with McKinley Green, a lot of the stressful side of job hunting is eliminated because we take over the application side of the process. Instead, you have a recruiter on your team putting you forward for interesting, exciting opportunities.

Your job
hunting coach

We’ve been in the recruitment business for years. We understand exactly how people land their dream jobs, in Australia and Overseas. Sharing such valuable career advice is a satisfying part of our job. Our expert advice can help you in many areas. It is tailored to your individual circumstances; we could help you with your CV, to write better job applications, or refer you a valuable source of information. Our insights are designed to help you realise your full potential.