Interview Preparation.

Succeed at interview, first time, everytime.

Effective interview preparation hinges on thoroughly researching the organisation and the role beforehand. This groundwork will boost your confidence, ensuring you appear knowledgeable and well-prepared. Start by focusing on these key areas for your interview preparation.


Researching the organisation’s online presence is crucial: their website and social media accounts provide insights into their culture, employees, operations, and values. Assess how well you align with their values and personalities to better understand your fit within the organisation.


Search online to discover their external reputation. Look for positive news coverage or mentions in reputable sources. Identify aspects that intrigue you. Based on this information, formulate a thoughtful question to ask during the interview that demonstrates your interest and understanding of their reputation and industry presence.

The Role

Consider the role you are applying for and reflect on what you can contribute to it. Request a job description if it hasn't been provided yet. Take notes on how your skills and experience align with the job's objectives and outline all the reasons why you are well-suited for the position.

The Panel

If you know in advance who will be interviewing you, take the time to research their LinkedIn profile and any information available on the company’s website. This preparation allows you to enter the interview with knowledge about your interviewers, which can boost your confidence and help you establish rapport with the panelists.

Dress to Impress

Needless to say, presenting yourself professionally during an interview is more likely to leave a positive impression on interviewers compared to dressing casually. To ensure you're well-prepared, plan your outfit the day before to avoid any morning rush. Select attire that is polished, reflects the organisation's culture, and allows your personality to shine through.

Plan Your Route

If necessary, use Google Maps to plan the best route the day before your interview. Allocate an additional 20 minutes to accommodate potential delays en route. Punctuality is essential, and there are no acceptable excuses for being late to an interview. Arriving five minutes early is ideal, as it demonstrates punctuality without creating any inconvenience. However, if you anticipate being late, promptly contact McKinley Green so we can assist in addressing the situation.