Considering working overseas?

Working overseas is a memorable way to understand a new culture, and be adopted into a new community. At work, a whole different set of challenges are presented. All of a sudden, the smallest activity is a learning curve and you realise how much knowledge you take for granted in your life at home. Working overseas is worth more than the money you earn, it is a cultural exchange to enrich your life.  

London especially has an irresistible allure for Australians. It’s a truly international city where millions of people from all cultures meet and work together. The city is big and full of opportunities regardless of whether you are starting out in your career or ready for bigger challenges.

McKinley Green offer counsel to adventurers considering working in London and elsewhere abroad. Our advice is tailored to your experience to help you at practical and personal levels from culture shock to what to pack.

McKinley Green has a long established relationship with recruiting officers in the UK. In fact, it is where our staff enjoyed some of their best days in recruiting. If you are soon on your way, we are more than happy to make referrals on your behalf to our associates in the UK.