Talent that's the right fit.

McKinley Green is dedicated to sourcing talent that perfectly aligns with the role, the team, and the broader organisation. As part of our commitment to you, we meticulously shortlist top candidates from the talent pool. Our rigorous selection process ensures that each potential employee possesses the qualifications and skills necessary to excel in their role.

McKinley Green ensures confidence and peace of mind by verifying our candidates skills and references. We are dedicated to assisting your organisation in hiring in accordance with government legislation that promotes fairness and equality.

Clients partnering with McKinley Green can maintain focus on their core activities knowing that we handle recruitment efficiently.

We aim to ease the burden on businesses by identifying the best temporary and permanent talent available in the market.

Our priority is our talent pool, and we are committed to nurturing a network of skilled professionals whom we can rely on for every assignment.

By consistently identifying high-quality temporary and permanent talent, we alleviate human resource pressures for our clients, establishing ourselves as the premier choice for all recruitment needs.


We place communication at the heart of our recruitment process for employers. We prioritise transparency, providing regular progress updates from the initial phone call through to role placement, and beyond with appropriate follow-ups.


From the outset, we listen attentively to understand the specific skills and qualities required for a candidate to excel in the role. Whenever feasible, we also visit your workplace to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and ensure the perfect match for the position.

Talent Sourcing

With extensive networks cultivated over years in Melbourne and London, McKinley Green excels in meeting your staffing needs as a leading recruitment agency for employers in Melbourne.


Utilising our pool of temporary staff is our initial approach. When specific qualifications or unique attributes are essential, we know precisely who to engage. For larger scale or specialised searches, we employ diverse strategies to expand your talent options. Rest assured, whether through targeted advertising, social network outreach, or our established network, we consistently deliver high-caliber candidates.


In about half of our cases, our candidates come through referrals and our network, demonstrating the strength and reliability of our connections and reputation in the industry.

Meeting Candidates

We know our people, and we take pride in our ability to personally know each and every one of our candidates. Before you meet any McKinley Green candidates, we have already checked their qualifications and suitability.


Furthermore, if specific office skills are required, we can arrange testing for them. Additionally, we thoroughly pre-interview every candidate because we want to ensure you’ll agree – you’ve just met the best talent available in the current market.


At McKinley Green, our commitment to high-level service continues long after we place a candidate.


As HR specialists, we provide personalised support to help our candidates settle into their new roles seamlessly. For short-term placements, we touch base on the first day to ensure expectations are met. For long-term placements, we maintain regular check-ins to offer ongoing support and assistance.


Rest assured, if you ever require our expertise, we are just a phone call away.