Current vacancies.

Please note that not all our job opportunities are advertised, so please contact us directly to discover suitable positions for you!

At McKinley Green, we proudly serve as your leading agency for business support recruitment in Melbourne. Specialising in placing both permanent and temporary staff across a diverse range of roles, we meticulously identify and provide employees who will make substantial contributions to the success and unity of your team.

Our Receptionists and Administration Assistants

Serve as the face of your company, providing a warm and professional first point of contact for clients and visitors. They efficiently handle various administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations at the front desk.

Our Administrative Assistants bring versatility and high-level skills to the table, managing a wide range of office tasks. By handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, and organising files, they support your team, freeing up your time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Data Entry and Word Processing Specialists

Ensuring accurate and maintained data, facilitating efficient information management. Their ability to handle large volumes of data with precision significantly contributes to your office’s overall productivity.

Office Managers

They play a crucial role in overseeing daily operations. They ensure the office environment is well-organised and that all administrative processes run smoothly. Their expertise in managing resources and personnel is invaluable in maintaining a productive and harmonious work environment.

Our Marketing and HR professionals

Bring creativity and strategic thinking to your team. By developing marketing campaigns, managing social media, and recruiting top talent, they enhance your company’s image and help attract and retain the best employees.

Personal Assistants (PAs), Executive Assistants (EAs), and Secretaries

They provide vital support to senior management. They manage schedules, organise meetings, and handle confidential information with discretion. Their ability to anticipate needs and solve problems allows executives to focus on leading the company.

Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Representatives

Our Customer Service Representatives are essential in maintaining and enhancing customer relationships. Inbound representatives handle customer inquiries, provide support, and resolve issues, ensuring a positive customer experience. Conversely, outbound representatives engage in proactive outreach to promote products or services, generate leads, and gather feedback.

Team Leaders

Constantly playing a pivotal role in guiding and motivating your staff. They possess strong leadership skills and are responsible for managing teams, setting goals, and ensuring projects are completed on time and to a high standard. Their ability to inspire and drive performance is key to achieving your organisational objectives.

Accounts Payable and Receivable Clerks

Essential in managing your company’s finances. They handle invoicing, process payments, and ensure financial records are accurate and up-to-date. Their meticulous attention to detail helps maintain the financial health of your business.

McKinley Green

We dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional office staff, well-equipped to meet your business needs. Our emphasis on business support recruitment in Melbourne ensures that we identify individuals who are not only qualified but also aligned with your company’s culture and values. In doing so, we actively contribute to your team’s success and promote a positive and productive work environment.

Trust McKinley Green to deliver the ideal candidates for each position, ensuring seamless and efficient operations within your office.